A20 E3 and E4 templates

Godfrey, London (Amateur radio callsign G4GLM) sent me E3 and E4 tempaltes and front panel of the A20 kit.

Added to the EE8 pages


EE1050 51 52 page updated

Better quality pdf documents, new photos, color template scans.


EE8 news

EE board design with exact measurements.
Design made by Francisco Eduardo Homor

French EE8/20 manual.
(thanks to Francois Guillet F6FLT)

PP11 spoel photos


Dr Blan Step by Step

In het Dr Blan tijdschriften zijn diverse artikelen over Step by Step dozen, aanpassingen en de latere versie Nuea verschenen.
Een pagina met scans is nu toegevoegd.


EE5 EE10 brochure

On the EE5 EE10 page I have added the 4 page German brochure. Fun to see the prices: DM 44 for the EE5, DM 69 for the EE10!


Amroh Step By Step

The page on Amroh Step by Step got an update:
– more pictures and circuit diagrams
– besides the manual also a picture manual



Philips has published a magazine, called Hobbyskoop, from 1968 to april 1980, about 31 issues and 4 specials, devoted to the do-it-yourself audience of the many lines of kits, like the electronic kits shown on these pages. Available in electronic shops and on subscription.
Of interest is the information published on the kits like EE8/20 to EE2xxx series. Pricelists, ordernumbers, variants, much can be seen on these pages.
Here I show the pages of interest from Hobbyskoop.


Pionier zelfbouw pagina update

De Pionier zelfbouw pagina heeft wat updates gekregen:
– tekening Pionier III houten front
– bouw Pionier 1 recept van Fons Vendriks


My EE8

I made a complete scan of my original EE8 manual and templates. I got the kit at age 14 and it is the only EE8 kit still in my possession. As complete as possible by scavenging other incomplete EE8 kits. With detailed photographs of the kit itself.


Philips Hovercraft VE 2001

Not really a kit, more a toy: a miniature hovercraft. I once had this toy, but sold it quickly because it did not fit in my collection. I recently found some brochures and photographs and devoted a page on it here.