Fun with Electronics

Dankzij Henny van Soest heb ik weer een werkende CD van Fun with Electronics. Te downloaden op de bijgewerkte Fun with ...

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EE1050 51 52 page updated

Better quality pdf documents, new photos, color template scans.

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Engineer 3

A variant of the Pionier 3? Hugo Sneyers gave me photos and scans of this kit for a radio.

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EE8 news

EE board design with exact measurements. Design made by Francisco Eduardo Homor French EE8/20 manual. (thanks to Francois Guillet F6FLT) PP11 spoel photos

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Dr Blan Step by Step

In het Dr Blan tijdschriften zijn diverse artikelen over Step by Step dozen, aanpassingen en de latere versie Nuea verschenen. Een ...

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EE5 EE10 brochure

On the EE5 EE10 page I have added the 4 page German brochure. Fun to see the prices: DM 44 ...

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EE5 EE10 information updated

Due to lack of webspace in 2010 I did not add the EE5 EE10 templates I scanned then. But now ...

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Amroh Step By Step

The page on Amroh Step by Step got an update: - more pictures and circuit diagrams - besides the manual also a ...

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Philips has published a magazine, called Hobbyskoop, from 1968 to april 1980, about 31 issues and 4 specials, devoted to ...

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Pionier zelfbouw pagina update

De Pionier zelfbouw pagina heeft wat updates gekregen: - tekening Pionier III houten front - bouw Pionier 1 recept van Fons Vendriks

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Welcome to my place with personal interests. From electronics to old and modern hardware and software to traveling and classical antiquity. See the list of websites I maintain.

It all started with Philips electronic kits in my youth (Pionier I and the EE8), a Praktika  photo camera for black and white photos and color slides, PDP-11’s and Pascal in the science labs during university and a KIM-1 at home. And traveling during the summer.

Working with electronics started early in my youth: The Philips Pionier Junior and the EE8 have had a huge influence in my choice of study and early career. While working for the dutch magazine Radio Bulletin as a freelance editor my interests shifted from electronics to microprocessors like the 6502 and computers. On the left you find pointers to my former Philips Bouwdozen collection, my former LP collection and the Radio Bulletin articles written by me.

The other subsites, summed up below, show my interest in travel photography, classical antiquity, and retro computing (1970 to 1980) with the 6502, 6809 and Z80.

Links to the sites on hansotten and sophiechermin domains which lead to our other interests.

This main website is about my former collections,electronic kits (my former Philips bouwdozen mainly), my former LP collection and my Radio Bulletin articles written as editor of that electroncis magazine from 1977 to 1986.




My personal blog. Ramblings about what interests me, not directly related to one of the next websites.





About SBC computers, mainly 6502 CPU based such as KIM-1 and Elektor/Elektuur.




The computer language Pascal and other Niklaus Wirth languages history and  on small computers.






On Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 IOT computing.






Photos and videos of our travels from the early years to the last!




Photo’s and descriptions of all sites we have visited (ruined sites and museums) of antquity (mainly greco-roman, some neolithic, some far east).





About my place of birth and city I lived most of my life.





Sophie’s blog about our trips and more





Objects I have for sale