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Welcome to my place with personal interests. From electronics to old hardware and software to cycling. See also my blog and Travel sites.


Working with electronics started early in my youth: The Philips Pionier Junior and the EE8 have had a huge influence in my choice of study and early career. While working for the dutch magazine Radio Bulletin as a freelance editor my interests shifted from electronics to microprocessors like the 6502 and computers. On the left you find pointers to my Philips Bouwdozen collection and the Radio Bulletin articles written by me. During the last years has made my house a more pleasant hi tech home.
A new section covers programming and electronics. About Delphi/Pascal programs, control the PC USB, parallel and serial port and electronic devices connected to those ports.


It all started with PDP-11s in the science lab and a KIM-1 at home. A small computer collection, mostly Z80 and 6502 cpu based and Pascal articles are shown here.  And my first computer, the KIM-1 and its 6502 relatives gets a lot of attention too on the Retro 6502 and Z80 Info Pages.


All my life I have been traveling to places of interest. Be it Asia, South-America, Africa or Europe, I always take a camera and made slides and digital photos.

Favorite photos
Photography is a hobby since my youth. Here a showcase of what I like in my collection. From black and white and color slides to the hires digital now.

Walking and cycling in and around my hometown is a pleasure. Please have a look at the photos of past and present, also showing some of the military past ('Vestingstad').





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